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To say that I've been busy lately would be an understatement, and I have been blessed for that. I'm blessed to have the friends I currently maintain because they very much support me in my times of desperate need. They may not know it, and that's ok too.

There's been tragedy in my community, and I was honored and blessed to perform for the City of Arvada's initial Healing Event for Fallen Officer Beasely and Samaritan Hursley. It was a last minute call, and a last second decision on my part, and upon hitting that first guitar chord, I felt completely different. I barely remember what I played. It's a bit fuzzy now.

And I do remember: The elation was difficult to contain when you see so many people enjoying what your hands and voice are creating. When dancing children are elated by the rhythms and beats that are echoing throughout every street in Old Town because the City had Provided the most excellent Audio Pros Equalized Productions sound systems and the mix was astounding.

On Friday, I performed at the Bluegrass at Candelas and had a most excellent time. The staff there are amazing good to me, and yeah, I mean that. They make me feel great about myself, every night I perform there. Met a great family who's sweet grandmother kindly asked me to say hi to her tiny 4 year old granddaughter, Natalie. Connecting with great family and their children is great, especially when it's communicated via music. Grandpa (I assume that was him) was sweet to 'ask for some Jame Taylor'. To which I obliged with "Fire and Rain." It was a splendid night.

Saturday, I was booked to perform with My Dearest Homie, Shon, at a sweet couples Wedding. Dan and Julia are amazing humans. This type of 'after wedding ceremony' reception was like no other. Just the couple and immediate family. Less than 20 folks.

At first I was intimidated at the idea of just how close this makes the 'performance stage' to the 'audience' will be and how LOUD can we make this? and have we eventhought aboutthefirstssong? andwhataboutthe..

I panicked. But my brother in music was there and knew exactly what to do. And in just a few short songs, we had a family party going. Shon was even super keen on throwing a 'karaoke style' option and that quickly became the highlight of the night. The best part of being there for me, was the insane connectivity of family there. It was solid. Nobody can 'karaoke' song together like that unless you are in it for the whole ride.

I hope to play an anniversary party for them someday on the road....

Sunday, The Fourth. Of July. Dana's 4th BBQ Bash.

This was, in my 50 years of knowledge, THE MOST 4th of July I've ever been a part of. I've blown stuff up with my friends and family and have played at BBQ's. Dana's was on top. The amount of food, beverage and community he and his wife Vicky established there was outstanding! I had a great time playing blues and tunes and celebrating with the whole street afterwards. I cannot thank them enough for a great close to an incredible week.

The open mics at Urban Beets are feeling really good, and blessed with both the fantastic folks who attend and the sweet and cool weather that feels amazing to both performer and audience. I've been so happy to host, and I'm super grateful for the players and attendees who show up because they feel 'Hey, it's an Open Mic, I'm gonna go check it out, just 'cuz." That level of commitment to my Open Mic is recognized as an incredible asset. Thank you.

And Thanks to Urban Beets' Nicholas and Olivia who have been pushing and grinding to keep UB on the upside of the best side of food/venues in Old Town. Their support for the local music community has been a blessing for many performers and to count myself among them makes me feel gratitude and pride. I hope to keep the music going for as long as I can for Urban Beets. It's like home.

There's so much drama in my life, and hardships, but I refuse to use any platform to exercise those challenges. With That, Thank for letting me catch up.


"And as long as I stay positive/Everything be alright." -'Smile' by TM.

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