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Tony Medina- "SMILE" Official Music Video
Tony Medina

Tony Medina- "SMILE" Official Music Video

Tony Medina performs an original song "Smile" right smack dab in the front yard. Lyrics: WELL YOU CAN SAY ANYTHING YOU NEED TO SAY YOU USE EVERY SINGLE WORD THAT YOU CAN FIND TO GET YOUR FEELINGS OUT THE WAY AS LONG YOU SMILE - EVERYTHING CAN GO YOUR WAY JUST GIVE IT TIME- MAKE IT EVERY WAY AS LONG AS YOU STAY POSITIVE EVERYTHING WILL BE OK WELL YOU CAN BE ANYTHING YOU WANT TO BE YOU CAN ACCOMPLISH EVERY SINGLE GOAL YOU SET OUT ALL YOU NEED IS TO BELIEVE AS LONG AS YOU SMILE YOU'LL ACHIEVE ANY DREAM JUST GIVE IT TIME IT'S EASIER THAT IT SEEMS AS LONG YOU STAY POSITIVE EVERYTHING WILL SUCCEED (YEAH) JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR ONLY WHAT YOU THINK IT'S WORTH CUZ I'VE BEEN KNOWN TO MAKE A PLAN OR TWO OR THREE THAT NEVER SEEM TO WORK BUT I TRY I TRY TO MAINTAIN MY SMILE I GIVE IT TIME I CAN MAKE THE EXTRA MILE AND AS LONG AS I STAY POSITIVE EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT (ALRIGHT) ______________ Recorded on 6-3-2013, around 7 pm. The mosquitos were bitin' and I got bit just as we started recording. My girls in the background, my wonderful wife hitting record on the camera, then we went for food. Keep Smiling ya'll. Camera: Cannon 60D Microphone: Audix OM5 Audio capture: Tascam DP-008 Post Production: Adobe Audition, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Windows Movie Maker, Special Thanks to Bryan Therlin for the awesome loan of a great resonator guitar. YOU ROCK!!! ******SUBSCRIBE*** ******COMMENT***** ******SHARE!!!******* ******ENJOY!!******** follow on facebook: Free downloads and more stuff: "Music Is Everything. If you listen, you'll find it." -Tony Medina
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