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  • Tony Medina was just a kid when he fell in love with music, and yeah, like most who were raised in the '70's, got some of the best and worst of heroes to follow.

  • From Black Sabbath, Kiss and legends like the Who and the Rolling Stones to Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, he found everything he needed to galvanize his love for music. Many summer days were spent outdoors, playing with army men, singing along with an AM radio, or just humming what he heard.

  • Then it happened: That one last time getting busted in his older brother's room strumming the strings on a guitar that he wasn't allowed to touch. So, to avoid any further altercations, Dad bought Tony his first guitar.

  • Since then, Tony has been honing the concepts of his music, performance and the magic of both, and has been sharing his passion with music lovers.

  • With a soulful, strong and commanding vocal performance, Tony combines Blues, Classic and Folk Rock, with years of influenced sound from the '90's Grunge sprinkled with Groove-rock and Funk.

  • Currently booking and performing and staging for teaching lessions."

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