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First and Not the Last.

I am now diving headlong into the vast, dark, void of running my own website. I'm adding this blog to have a place for stuff, that only the best of people will see. Thank you for being here. I don't know how long this will last. LOL!! With that, I'd like to share a story of an INCREDIBLE Dude: Bryan. When I started working at a Big Blue Box Home Improvement Store, I noticed a specific employee who seemed to have a genuine smile and supremely polite nature to him. I felt so encouraged by his demeanor, I was compelled to start just saying 'Hi' to him every chance I got. He responded and more and more each day, we started having more conversations. Bryan noticed that I would bring my guitar to work and he would find me in the break room, practicing blues. I was much more comfortable about practicing in the employee lounge than before, and Bryan would be excited to hear me play during his break. This cool connection was there almost every time we worked on the same day. One time, Bryan came into the lounge and asked me "Hey, Tony! Do you play at any concerts? I want to come hear you play music at a concert." I just so happened to have some 'shows' scheduled, (not pictured here below, but kinda like that) and wrote him a note to take home. He was excited! And I was shocked that somebody cared THAT much about me playing music.

The place: Longshots Bar and Grill. Friday night. And what a pleasant surprise it was to see Bryan show up with his parents, Rochelle and Grant. I enjoyed performing at Longshots, and there were the ups and downs of performing to a room full of people who don't know you from anybody else. But when he and his family showed up, consistently, as OFTEN as they could, the night was truly memorable.

I remember when they first showed up and I watched him enjoying a beer, eating great food and smiling while I churned out cover tunes and blues. I remember feeling "OK. NOW you know why you are here at this biker-bar/truck-stop/pool-hall/Vietnamese Cuisine(?!) restaurant! You aren't here for the folks playing pool, or drinking at the bar, or anyone else.... "

"You are here, playing a show for Bryan and his family."

See, when a great person, like Bryan, focuses his attention to you, it's truly genuine, and honest. And innocent. He really cares. He doesn't just like things. He gets into it. I was so humbled that he took such an interest in being there for my performance. He and his family could have easily spent their money and time at some other HUGE show at the Pepsi Center, or even Red Rocks for big name artists. Instead, they came to see me at Longshots. This mattered so much to me because he simply wanted to be THERE. I feel that Bryan is. like, a 'true' fan! I was both humbled and beaming with pride for that alone.

And, of course, there is so much more genuine and deeper about him than his interests. There is his friendship. When he feels like you are a friend, he will connect with you like a good friend. And when Bryan wants to be your friend, it is the most empowering feeling- like you just got a cape to match your superhero outfit.... and it gives you the ability to fly. That's how I feel, anyway.

Performing at Longshots... Some nights were long, and some- worth a shot.

OK, sorry, that was bad... sorry.

When Bryan asks to take a pic with me, I can't say no. That's just how cool he is.

Bryan enjoys being with his family, riding and motor sports, BRONCOS, Car shows and BBQ!

Hope to see him and his family soon. "HEY BRYAN!!"   Oh, and here's to the Next Blog and new friends... -TM

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